Current Issue

2021 Volume 10

  1. Modernism- Postmodernism: A Critical Analysis
    by: Dr. Maheen Raza
    Abstract: Derrida underlines that Metaphysics of presence is impossible of formulation. The logocentric conception of language and the metaphysics of presence reflect the irrepressible human desire for some transcendental signified. Philosophers have this deeply entrenched urge to ground language to something that is language independent or transcendental to language. Thus, the conventionally soaked mindset assumes meaning stemming from words by their standing for entities such as images or senses etc. directly present to the consciousness. The focus of my paper is to highlight the differences between Modernism and Postmodernism and what are the main features of these two broad movements…
  2. Sectarian Dynamism and Geopolitical Aspects of Syrian Conflict after Arab Uprisingby: Dr. Raisul Bari
    Abstract: The uprising that spread whole of the Arab region in the spring of 2011 was deep-rooted in people‚Äôs demands and aspirations for a free democracy, employment opportunity and moreover an urge for a dignity which they had been usurped of for decades. Syria occupied a very important geo-strategic position in Middle East and has been under Alawite control since 1970s. Soon after Arab spring there was uprising in the country against Assad regime…
  3. Demonetization in India: An Analysis of Trade
    by: Zeenat Fatma
    Abstract: India has demonetized its currency several times so as to combat tax evasion via black money held outside the economy. The first demonetization was held in 1946 and the second was in 1978 by Janata Party Coalition Government. After a long period of time, In November 2016, government of India announces another demonetization with an objective to curtail the shadow economy and to reduce the use of illicit and counterfeit cash to fund illegal activity and terrorism. These steps were assumed to be a great macroeconomic reform…