2017 Volume 2

2017 Volume 2

  1. The Blended Learning Model: Nizwa College of Technology Experience
    by: Dr. Rolando M. Lontok Jr., Alice M. Lontok
    Abstract: This paper reports the experience of Nizwa College of Technology (NCT) in the operationalisation of an e-learning mediated blended learning approach with NCT’s information technology students. In this environment, students are introduced to the constructivist form of learning through the combination of ordinary face-to-face classroom discussion and online learning activities using a learning content management system (LCMS). In trying to come up and provide NCT students with an alternative and more student-centred approach to learning, said learning model and the experiences of students in its use are analysed in this study...
  2. Erick Fromm’s Critique of Industrial Society
    by: Dr. Naushaba Anjum
    Abstract: This is a trite truth to state that the man in these times has grown rich in things and thought. But it is also a fact that a great number of individuals in our time suffers from some or other form of mental problem. In modern times no one appears to be completely sane. The mental disturbance of an individual, as Fromm viewed it, is not due to lack of skill and intelligence’s use...
  3. Spirituality in Work Place and its Effect on Stress & Work life Balance of Employees
    by: Dr. Ammara Jamal and Dr.Jameela Khatoon
    Abstract: This study investigates the moderating effects of spirituality on job stress and work life balance based on a Media Group’s employees. A sample of 50 employees of HMVL (a subsidy of HT Media Ltd) of Allahabad unit anonymously filled up a questionnaire comprising quantitative techniques for measurement of Spirituality, job stress and work life balance…
  4. Rationale of Environmental Ethics
    by: Dr. V.Prabhu
    Abstract: Environmental philosophy is concerned with how one individual, or society or community looks at the environment and the justification for it to look in that particular way. In this paper, an attempt is made to trace out two of the prominent views in relation to environment and how an altered perspective shall be helpful in preserving and maintaining the environment and bio-diversity...
  5. Work Life Balance of Female Teaching Staff in Secondary Schools in Al Dhakiliya Region, Sultanate of Oman
    by: Dr. Mohammed Kutpudeen
    Abstract: The ever increasing organizational responsibilities and family commitments especially for female teaching staff in Oman, made them to find novel ways to balance work and life. Indeed, the support of management in this regard to female staff and their family assistance will help them not only to balance their work life but also to perform better in their career…
  6. A Study on Need for Achievement and Dominance Among Orthopedically Specially Abled Children
    by: Dr. Rafat Mukhtar, Dr. Jameela Khatoon
    Abstract: Knowledge in a particular area is the product of researches and observations carried out at various times by various individuals. In this way issues and problems relating to the phenomenon being studied are gradually brought to light and incorporated in the larger body of knowledge. The study of exceptional children is the study of differences; it is also the study of similarities. The exceptional children are in some way different from the average, also not different not different from average in every way. Disabled child has a combination of special abilities or disabilities…