2020 Volume 9

2020 Volume 9

  1. Derrida’s Critique of Metaphysics of Presence
    by: Dr. Iram Amanat
    Abstract: Derrida underlines that Metaphysics of presence is impossible of formulation. The logocentric conception of language and the metaphysics of presence reflect the irrepressible human desire for some transcendental signified. Philosophers have this deeply entrenched urge to ground language to something that is language independent or transcendental to language. Thus, the conventionally soaked mindset assumes meaning stemming from words by their standing for entities such as images or senses etc. directly present to the consciousness…
  2. The Concept of Peaceful Co-existence in Imam Khamenei and Sartre’s Ethics
    by: Dr. Sarim Abbas, Mr. Arif Iftikhar
    Abstract: The paper entails a proportional study, is an attempt to understand the Peaceful Co-existence and Ethics in terms of embodiment and situatedness of the subject in pre-given situation. In analyzing this paper, it may appear to be a part of the investigation about useful ways to further fertile cross-cultural philosophical dialogue required in our times. The understanding about human being and his essence has always been a point of discussion among thinkers and intellectuals also in different stage of history. While analyzing the human essence, ethics and existence, different theories continued to come onwards. There are some theories that elevate the position of human being more to the extent as privileged among all creatures…
  3. Concept of Justice in Islamic Revelation and in Prophetic Tradition
    by: Nazakit Hussain
    Abstract: The Arabic word for justice is ‘adl’ which is an abstract noun. The word ‘adl’ is derived from the word ‘adala’ which means to strengthen, to amend, to run away from one wrong path to the other right one, to be equal, to balance or counter-balance, to be in a state of equilibrium. The Messenger of God has been endowed with a profound sense of justice. The Prophet Muhammad had grown up in such a society where there was widespread inequity and oppression. In Islam, justice is enshrined in the Revelation and Divine Wisdom which the Prophet of Islam communicated to his people…

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